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Tyra Banks Nude Orange Bikini Candids

April 22nd, 2010

Tyra Banks orange bikini

Tyra Banks was caught by the paparazzi getting frisky with her boyfriend in a swimming pool somewhere I was too lazy to look up. Now, they didn’t have sex in public or something, nor did they make-out, but I found it worth posting because the America’s Next Top Model host is in an orange bikini. And she’s on her way to becoming a fatty.

Tyra Banks orange bikini

Yes, her big, tasty tits are still there, complete with massive cleavage, but then again, there seems to be a problem with her waistline. It’s like she’s following Oprah’s steps with regards to body size or something. Tyra didn’t even take off the scarf around her waist in the pics, so I assume she isn’t very proud her tummy is still not as big the talkshow host.

Tyra Banks orange bikini

Well, anyway, check out more of Tyra Banks bikini pics and nudes right here on Reality Stars Scandals.

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